Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neobux - Only PTC that pays out

What is PTC?

PTC stands for Pay To Click, your job is to click and view advertisement for 30 seconds, or when the check mark appears.You get paid around 0.01$ for a click. Now, before you say 'Hey, thats almost nothing!' you should learn about the power of referrals.

What's a referral ?

Referral is a person who either registered under your link(direct referral) or you rented as a referral (rented referral). You get your earnings PLUS the earnings of your referral (meaning that if they earn 1$, they have 1$ AND you receive 1$). Could you imagine what happens when you have 1000 referrals ? Exactly. People earn thousands with this.

How do I join ?

It would be appreciated to join by clicking on the banner below.

I'm also going to offer you a neobux guide to earning 60$ A DAY. Please note that the guide isn't earn-money-quick scheme, as it takes few months to reach that amount. Download link will be posted soon.


  1. I will try the things you post in about a week when I get home. Much appreciated as I'm trying to get into making money online. Hope you keep posting

  2. Thanks for the advice, as a hikki I can't live on my savings forever.

  3. Looks promising; I look forward to your guide.

  4. Incredibly interesting! I'm pretty excited to see what you're going to write up next, because I've learned a lot on your blog so far!