Monday, September 27, 2010

Neobux guide - from scratch to 60$ a day

As I promised in previous post, here is the guide for making cash from Neobux.

Register to neobux here.
You can find the guide on this link.
Note that this guide is completely legitimate way of earning money, without using any scripts, autoclickers or cheating. It is simply the fastest way to the goal, which doesn't mean that it'll happen in a day. Depending on your amount of referrals, you'll need at least 4 months to reach 60$ a day.

Good luck :)

P.S. If for any reason you do not want to support me by using download link above, PM me, and I'll put it on Mediafire.


  1. You're bad at selling me on this :c

  2. The fuck? I wouldn't mind reading it but I'm not downloading babylon_8.exe or giving my cell number to some retarded site.. no thanks. Man I'll never use sharecash, can't imagine anyone filling those

  3. I can make more than 60$ just from selling my blood for 2 weeks :P

  4. @Oklahoman
    Actually, you can't. You can perhaps sell your blood for 60$, but the cost of your body making new blood (food, water, minerals etc) will most likely exceed 60$.
    Send me a message, and I'll give you mediafire link.